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'The Vision of Peace' is the iconic Adam Karipidis artwork that simultaneously confounds and mesmerises. The conjecture created by this artwork is caused by the profound impact of a single line in the lower right quadrant. Once observed it may never be unseen. The nuanced complexities this creates is in deep contrast to the simplicity of the artist's technical execution. This print is sure to stimulate discussion given complete symmetry is inhibited by a single inflection point of imperfection. What results is a biting commentary on the lip service mankind gives when espousing the virtues of peaceful coexistence. Like no other work, 'The Vision of Peace' displays the unmatched brilliance of the Karipidis mind and leaves the viewer transfixed with a sense of contemplative wonder.

Museum-quality print made on thick and long-lasting semi-glossy (silk) paper.
- Paper weight: 200 gsm / 80 lb
- Shipped in sturdy packaging protecting the print
- No minimums. Order as many as you like!!!

As with all of Adam's prints, they are representations of the original artwork, not exact replicas in colour and breadth. This is designed to give the print it's own intrinsic value and uniqueness.

The Vision of Peace Unframed Premium Print 70x70 cm / 28x28″

SKU: 508d6c77-60dc-4206-aacb-6c3a784a
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