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Commissioned Artwork

Embark on your own artistic journey with us and bring your vision to life.

Contact us to start your commission piece with Adam Roly today.

Here's how it works...


Step 1: Conceptualising Your Vision

Our journey begins with a personal meeting between you and a member of our dedicated team. This is where your ideas take root. Whether it's a specific theme, size or material, your input is invaluable in shaping the artwork. Adam Roly values your vision, and this step ensures that your preferences are at the forefront of the creative process.

Mood Board montage - Blowflies.jpg

Step 2: Crafting Mood Boards with Adam

Next, we dive into the world of possibilities. Adam collaborates closely with you to create a series of 'Mood Boards'. These visual palettes offer a variety of ideas and inspirations, reflecting the essence of your concept. This is where you can see potential interpretations and make any desired alterations. We want to ensure that the final piece resonates with you deeply. At this stage, once the direction is clear, we provide a full costing of the artwork. To commence this artistic endeavour, a 40% deposit is kindly requested.

Mood Board montage - Blowflies.jpg
The Buzz 257A8460 Quasi colour correct smaller.jpg

Step 3: The Artistic Interpretation

With the mood board as a guide, Adam embarks on the most exciting phase: painting his interpretation of your vision. This stage is where Adam's unique style and your ideas converge, resulting in a piece that is both deeply personal and artistically profound.

Scotch Glass 257A8544.jpg

Step 4: Delivery of Your Masterpiece

The final step in our collaborative journey is the delivery of your commissioned artwork. We ensure that the painting not only reflects the chosen image from the mood board but also includes Adam's signature artistic additions. A final invoice is rendered and your wall is transformed like never before! Please note that shipping costs may apply, depending on your location.


Your Vision, Your Art

At every step, we ensure that your experience is as unique and personal as the artwork itself. Commissioning a piece with Adam Roly is more than just acquiring art; it's about creating a piece that tells your story through the lens of this great abstract artist.

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