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A dichotomy of thoughts & feelings

Adam grew up in the bohemian atmosphere of St. Kilda, Melbourne during the 70s and 80s. In this suburban region of Australia, subcultures and artistic communities thrived, providing a nurturing environment for Adam's creative pursuits. Saying farewell to 'family, friends and football', Adam moved to the U.S.A. at 21. Throughout his time there Adam devoured textual works of fiction, visual arts and biographical pieces. Living the life of an artist, Adam began writing novels and frequenting galleries. By immersing himself in art cultures spanning Los Angeles to New Orleans, this would profoundly impact his artistic vision.

Over the last five years, back in Melbourne, Adam has come to the realisation that through painting he is able to express his philosophies and ideas regarding nature and technology. His specific focus is on addressing how both can unite to create peace and harmony for future generations. Adam is concerned with the state of mankind and its use of "feelings/heart" in conjunction with "thoughts/mind" to realise a state of spiritual equilibrium. His paintings illustrate how harmony may be achieved when feelings and thoughts are used in equal measure, like scales that need to be balanced.   

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